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Preferential Policy


1. To further enlarge the range and fields for investment .All local trades and industries will be opened to foreign and civil investment , except those restricted and forbidden by the state laws and industrial policies.

2. Preferential treatment will be given to the use of land for business and the construction of factory buildings and relevant facilities.

Land for industrial use: All kinds of development zones , industrial parks , parks fir business pioneers , and science & technology parks will be included in the land planned by the government for industrial use , and will enjoy a favored land price . The land transfer price for the parks mentioned above will be levied at 20% of the standard land price.

Land for business use in Zhaoqing High-Tech Industrial Develop Zone is exempt from land transfer charges, except the charge for newly designated land for construction i.e. the clear charge for cultivated land and compensation for land acquisition which is to be tuned over to the central and provincial governments.

Land for agricultural use: This is usually a lease for 30 years which can be extended to 50 years , if necessary ,With contracted leased agricultural land ,investors can transfer the contractor , exchange the lands or buy some shares in the land so as to manage it according to relevant law or regulations.

Entrusted Land for Investment: The trustee will be offered a 10% discount of the transfer price of the land use right compared with that of the other land of the same kind.

3. Special favors will be offered to major enterprises or projects for investment.

A system of loan interest discount will be established for advanced science and technology projects. high-tech enterprises studying and developing new projects can obtain a three-year complete interest deduction on project loans from the financial department at the same rank as the relative Taxation Bureau.

According to the principle of “Special Treatment To Special Cases”, more specific preferences will be determined for industrial projects that have an investment amount of over 10 million US dollars and the high-tech industrial projects which have an investment amount of more than 5 million Us dollars.

4. Encouraging foreign funds and civil funds to aid the reform of the property rights system of the state-owned enterprises and the collective business. If a foreign funded ,civil funded or a privately funded enterprise purchases , incorporates , hold shares , or buys shares(which account for more than 25% of the total shares)in a state-owned or a collective enterprise, it will be regarded as a newly established foreign funded or civil funded business , and enjoy preferential treatment according to the relevant policies.

5. The government will assist enterprises in inviting and employing talent. Middle ranking and high ranking professionals and technical personnel employed by foreign funded enterprises or civil funded business, together with their families can enjoy an exemption from payment for city capacity extension when they move into the city.

6. Encouraging the organization or person who has contributed to introducing foreign investment. The corresponding financial taxation department of the investment beneficiary enterprise will award any organization or person who has directly introduced foreign funds or civil funds into the corresponding park , according to the actual invested fund.