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Fiance and Taxation Preferential Policies in Zhaoqing High-Tech Zone


1. Foreign invested productive enterrprises over 10-year operation period, are exempted from the income tax for the first two years commencing from the profit-making year, and the tax is reduced by half for the following three years.

2. For enterprises of over 5-year operation reinvesting in its own enterprise or opening new enterprises with their after-tax profit, 40% of the income tax paid for the reinvestment will be refunded. For investors reinvesting or expanding capacity of export –oriented enterprises and for enterprises with advanced technology, all the income tax paid for the reinvestment may be funded.

3. If the foreign investor reinvest to establish and enlarge product-exported enterprise or advanced technological enterprise, the corporate income tax paid according to the reinvested part can be refunded in full amount according to the regulations.

4. For the export-oriented enterprises with foreign investment, after the period of exemption and reduction expires, when the value of export products of the year reaches 70% of the output value of the enterprise of the year, the enterprise shall be levied on half of the specified rate of income tax.

5. The High-tech zone Management committee is committed in honouring the timely and sufficient refunding of taxations.