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Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries of Zhaoqing

Main Resiponsibility

Develop friendly relations with friendship organizations, social groups and friendly people from all the countries through mutual visits and non-governmental friendly exchanges. Actively participate in relevant activities of Guangdong Province Friendship Association, and complete commissioned the transaction of China People's Friendship Association and Guangdong Province people Foreign Friendship Association. Organize or assist with the relevant authorities in our city to cooperate with all international friendly organizations, social groups and friends in the fields of economic, social, science and technology, education, culture and other aspects. Carry out the local foreign non-governmental cultural exchanges. Assist every counties (municipality, district) to carry out the activities of non-governmental exchanges with foreign countries under the guidance of Guangdong Province Association for Friendship.


Add: No.122 Chengzhong Road, Duanzhou District, Zhaoqing

Tel: 0758-2237010


Post code: 526040